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Energy Transfer Technology is an energy research and technology development company with interest in all areas of fossil (i.e. shale gas, coal, oil, natural gas, others), alternative or renewable energy (bio-fuels), green chemistry, and carbon capture and storage.
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Energy Transfer Technology (ETT) in cooperation with its sister company, Middle East PetroChem Engineering & Technology (MEPET), has developed Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) Process Technology and has designed, engineered and constructed a fully operational Pilot Plant based on the developed technology.

MEPET's VAM technology is based on gas phase reaction of ethylene, acetic acid, and oxygen in the presence of palladium-Gold based catalyst on silica in a fixed bed tubular reactor. The VAM Pilot Plant, with a capacity of 2 – 3.5 kg VAM/hr is designed to be flexible in operating range in order to allow experimental studies on various operation and process parameters in a range wider than standard operating conditions of similar commercial units.

The stated Pilot Plant has been designed and engineered to be easily scaled up to any commercial size VAM unit. The reactor has a size of a single reactor tube of a commercial unit, and the other process equipments have the same functional operation as a VAM commercial plant.