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Welcome to Energy Transfer Technology
Energy Transfer Technology is an energy research and technology development company with interest in all areas of fossil (i.e. shale gas, coal, oil, natural gas, others), alternative or renewable energy (bio-fuels), green chemistry, and carbon capture and storage.
ETT Services

ETT is capable of providing services in the following areas related to energy industries:

arrow Shale Gas Conversion
arrow Coal Utilization Technologies
arrow Refining & Refinery Process
arrow Chemical and Petrochemical Processes
arrow Gas Processing

Bio-mass Energy

arrow Value-added Carbon Products from Fossil
  or Bio Resources
arrow Fuel analysis, testing, & evaluation
Types of Services

Development of New Technologies

Energy Transfer Technology is capable of taking client’s conceptual ideas and developing them into new technologies for execution and implementation. We can also work with clients to assist them in developing the necessary conceptual ideas.  


From Idea to Scale-Up

From the conceptual idea, Energy Transfer Technology’s staff is prepared to execute all aspects of converting the idea into a scale-able process through bench-scale testing; process stream analysis and analytical methods development; and design, construction, and operation of a pilot plant for technology verification.


Knowledge Transfer

Energy Transfer Technology’s staff can provide knowledge assessment and transfer to the client, by conducting critical reviews of the literature as detailed written reports; providing briefings or short courses for the client, either on specific topics of direct interest, or broad overviews of energy science or technology. Briefings and short courses can be provided at the client’s facility or via the internet.


Techno-Economic Evaluation of New Technologies

Energy Transfer Technology can conduct a preliminary economic evaluation of related technologies for clients. We can work with clients to identify technologies most suited to their needs.

Types of Services (continued)

Technology Identification & Licensing Negotiation

Energy Transfer Technology’s knowledgeable staff will help clients to identify their required technology and licensor.  Additionally, ETT will support its clients as the client’s technical expert team.


Design Optimizations of Current Processes

Energy Transfer Technology’s experienced scientists and engineers will review the client’s in-house or acquired process design package for technical validation and identification of potential process, operation and safety optimizations.


De-Bottlenecking of Current Processes & Facilities

Energy Transfer Technology’s experienced team of scientists and engineers will evaluate the client’s current operational facility and generate a list of potential improvement areas that can be achieved with minimal capital expenditure.  ETT’s scientists and engineers will evaluate the client’s current operational problem(s) and provide the best and most economically available solutions.


Comparative Studies of Various Technology

Energy Transfer Technology’s experts are capable of and well equipped to evaluate various energy technologies available on the market.


Environmental Studies & Analysis

Energy Transfer Technology’s environmental analysis team will review and evaluate our client’s current operational facilities and report on how the process or operation can be enhanced in order to improve its environmental footprint.


Engineering & Project Management

Energy Transfer Technology’s team of experts is capable of providing process-related engineering activities, including but not limited to, analytical methods development, process design, process optimization, trouble- shooting of process-related problems, pipe sizing, flow and mass balance measurements, and catalyst deactivation problems.

Target Countries


Energy Transfer Technology works worldwide. We have collaborations and contacts in many countries, including United States, United Kingdom, European Union, southern Africa, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Japan, and China.